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You will never forget your son’s first birthday and he would never his eighteenth. While he’s stepping into a whole new phase of his life where grownups live, you’re still tasked to make this benchmark birthday just as awesome. In fact this might be one of the last opportunities for you to plan his birthday; next year you never know he might be celebrating this day in Goa with his friends, while you sit at home, reminiscing and wondering, how quickly have the time passed.


So don’t let this momentous day in your son’s (and yours) life pass by without making some wonderful memories. Welcome your son to his adulthood like the “best parent ever”. Here’s how-

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Throw him a theme party

Every year on his birthday you organize a family function, break coconut for he finished yet another year, do puja, and feed on Biryanis. Do’?t do that this year. He’s a grownup now; throw him a theme party?and leave buas, chacha, chachis and aunties uninvited. Invite just his friends. Sports, movie and carnival themed parties are great options.


Send him to travel

Make him feel like an actual adult. Send him to travel to his favorite spot on his own and let him deal with the ‘real world’. He will experience and learn many new things, which would help him in coming days.


A personalized ?life book?

You’re nearly old. And over the course of your life, you learned many things that helped you be a better person. Offer your wisdom in the form of a personalized ?life book? with your son; help him be a better version of himself. Tell him to respect women, be empathetic, and that money is not everything- happiness is!


Early morning birthday cake

Have an intimate time early morning- you two (mum and dad) and him and of course an awesome birthday cake of his favorite flavor (bank on online birthday cake delivery service of top e-stores for convenience). Tell him how much you love him and how proud you are of him. Blow the candle, share the cake? and then let him sleep for few more hours at least on this day.

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A weekend with his favorite food

Who doesn’t love mum-prepared food. So offer him loads of it this weekend. Go all nuts, from breakfast to dinner with his favorite delicacies. Don’t give up till he gains the least of 10 pound in these 2 days.


The freedom to make his choices

He is 18 now and well capable to make his decision. So stop telling him what to do, where to go and when to do what. Let him decide for himself. Give him the freedom to make his life’s big and small choices.


Gift him your trust

With freedom comes the need to trust him. So have faith in him and know that he will always do the right thing. Reassure yourself that in 18 years you taught him well. Tell him this and assure that you’re always here for him with whatever he do and decide, because you trust him!


These are the best gifts for your son’s eighteenth birthday?full of fun, learning and intimate moments. With this perfect day, he could happily set out to succeed in his new journey of life.

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Your Son?s 18th Birthday- 7 ways to make it worth remembering, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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