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Why Do We Celebrate Christmas On 25th December?

We have come to know December 25th to be the day when Lord Jesus Christ was born. People all over the world look forward to this time of the year so that they can celebrate Christmas, the festival of fun and frolic. We cannot imagine Christmas being celebrated on any other day but on 25th of December. However, it is a fact that Christmas wasn’t always celebrated on this day. In fact, for the first 300 years of Christianity’s existence, the birth of Christ was never celebrated at all. Back then, the most important Christian holidays were Epiphany (celebrated on 6th January) and Easter. The festival epiphany marked the arrival of the Magi following the birth of Jesus. Easter, on the other hand, celebrates the resurrection of Christ. December 25 was first officially mentioned as a holiday honoring the birth of Jesus in an early Roman calendar, which dates back to 336 A.D.

Birthday of Jesus:

Birthday of Jesus

There is a lot of debate surrounding the date of Jesus birth. The Bible doesn’t mention an exact date to be the birthday of Jesus, and the clues provided in the Nativity story are confusing, to say the least! For example, the presence of the shepherds and their sheep point towards the season spring and not necessarily winter. At the end of 3rd century, Church officials settled on December 25 for honoring Christ’s birthday. Many believe that the reason for settling on 25th December was to coincide with the already existing Pagan festivals that honor Mithra (the Persian God of light) and Saturn (the Roman god of agriculture). That is how Rome’s pagan people were convinced to convert to Christianity so that Christianity could become the official religion of the empire.



Origin of Christmas celebrations:

From then on, Christmas started to be celebrated on December 25, and the festival spread throughout the?Christmas celebrationswestern world over the next few centuries. Despite the growing popularity of Christmas, many Christians still viewed Easter and Epiphany to be the more important festivals. Some people, including the Puritans who resided in the colonial New England, banned the observance of Christmas because they believed that the core traditions of this festival such as, decorating, gift giving and so on had more in common with paganism. In the early years of the United States, Christmas celebrations were considered a custom belonging to the British. That is why celebrations fell out of style soon after the American Revolution. Christmas hadn’t found recognition as a federal holiday until 1870.



Christmas celebrations across the world:

Christmas celebrations across the worldOver the past few centuries, Christmas became one of the most cherished and celebrated festival around the world. Though this is a Christian holiday, people across the globe, regardless of their religion, take part in Christmas merriments in high spirits. In most of the countries of the world, Christmas is either a public holiday, or is given observance. As December 25th approaches, people start Exclusive buying Christmas gifts for girlfriend, boyfriend, parents and loved ones. Houses are decorated with lights and other decorative items, and delicious dinner is prepared in every household. This is the time of the year when family members, friends and near and dear ones gather to celebrate the joyous occasion with good food, great wine and gifts. It won’t be wrong to say that Christmas brings families and loved ones closer. The festival is no more just a religious occasion; it’s a part of our life!



Christmas celebration ideas:

If you are all set to celebrate Christmas with your family and loved ones, you should start making plans well ahead of time. If you are a huge fan of festivity, you would have a great time planning. However, if you are not that good at planning, you would need a little guidance. Gift buying takes most of the time. That is why you need to start buying special items for people who matter the most in your life. Your parents, lover/spouse, children, in-laws, friends will be looking forward to receiving a present from you. So, you better start shopping! If your partner lives away, you can get Christmas gifts for long distance relationships.



Merry Christmas

Apart from gifts, there are other aspects that you would need to remember. Home decoration is one of the most important aspects. Make sure your house looks vibrant in bright colors and lights. You need to create a space that is full of positive energy, where children and other members of the family can enjoy each others’ company and have a good time! Music is another important aspect of Christmas celebration. Pop in a CD of the popular Christmas carols and sing along if you will! This will help you get in the festive mood. No celebration is complete without delicious platters of food! Forget your diet for one day and let yourself live!

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