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?Love is a promise that can last forever.?

Promises day

There is no denial of the fact that we have come a long way through the advancement and modernization of the society, but the feelings of love, trust and understanding remains the same. No matter how mechanical life has turned into, we do not forget to turn all mushy-mushy in the much anticipated Valentine?s week. Among the materialistic days like Teddy day, or Rose Day and Chocolate Day, the one day that truly epitomizes the depth of a relationship is the Promise Day celebrated that is celebrated on 11th February. Who said you have to wait till your wedding day to make a vow? Choose this day to promise your partner a beautiful life ahead that speaks more than any expensive gifts or fancy date nights.


Vow to spread love…

We conceptualize the season of love according to the Valentine gift to be exchanged, but often forget about that feelings we inculcate in someone happens to generate the most ecstatic emotions. When you are in a relationship, your work doesn?t end up with traveling together, celebrating each and every occasion or pampering each other with dramatic and outdated surprises. Love surpasses all these, and the promise to be by your partner forever, in both good and bad times is what makes a bond stronger and happier! Make sure to be more vocal about your promises, and add sweet gestures, romantic words to make this day worth cherishing for a lifetime.


?Promise me with all of your heart to never let us fall apart
to keep me strong and holding on promise me that you?ll never be gone.?


Being in love is a heavenly feeling, and no, promises are not meant to be broken when you are true to your heart! Here is a list of little promises that can be made, without being too eloquent with your vows that might end up seeming unrealistic.

  • Treat each other with patience when one of you breakdown
  • Give trust, space and time to make the relation more understanding
  • Learn to love each other?s choices
  • Cuddle and snuggle to feel alive after the exhausting day
  • Respect comes first, love is secondary
  • Love can be everything, just never enough! So make sure every day is a Valentine ?s Day.

Now that you have an idea about the cute and meaningful vows you can make this year, what about turning this day pretty exciting for your partner too? Here are some ideas to get you covered.


Go for a vacation

Take out your partner for a surprise vacation, may be a road trip? You can breathe fresh air, and also get some privacy to make your promises.


The promise day date night

Cummon, you don?t have to wait till 14th February to set up a date night, as Promise Day seems more amorous. Cook some homemade food, order cheap flowers online, get the best cake, and some wine to enjoy a lone time at the balcony or terrace. The vows you make now will be received with care and love, (and definitely some hugs and kisses!).


Surprises galore

You can surprise your partner with hand written love notes and promises, accompanied with small and sweet valentine?s day gifts!


Thus awaken the romantic being within you, and get ready to see the smile on your partner?s face!

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When You Are in Love, Promises Are Not Meant to be Broken!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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