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Dating for quite since a time now? Love never gets old, but definitely the spark gets missing amidst the busy prosaic life schedules. Now, you might be in a quandary about how to make your darling fall in love with you once again with Valentine?s Day gift ideas to rekindle the spirit that you both have been sharing for years now. Though, you wouldn?t need a particular day to indulge into something sweet and romantic for her, but Valentine?s Day is around the corner, and you shouldn?t let go off this chance. After all, we are alive every time we fall in love!


valentine's day gift ideas


No, going too filmy or unrealistic is not the way to woo her, but a woman would count on your efforts, no matter how small the surprise or gift is. You might have grown disenchanted of the same old dinner outings, or exchanging boring gifts, but we assure you that something different and interesting this year would help you to feel new in love once again! Think of an action that would make her lips quiver, or something you could cook for her foodie soul, could you touch her heart somewhere? Instead of stressing on spending bucks and become materialistic, try to connect to her inner self and go for witty gestures to touch her soul.


Let us assure you with some offbeat and quirky ideas to reminisce this day forever.


Satiate her love for animals

Girls either love dogs or cats, and if your girl too has this unending love for the furry animals, you need to surprise her in an amazing way. Take her to a cat or dog caf?, where not only can you share some lovey-dovey moments with each other over coffee and snacks, but also play with the furry animals. Imagine the amount of joy she would flaunt!


Stop being predictable when it is about turning on the heat!

Getting physical is not always about cuddling up or making love to each other, well you might be doing that quite often now! We are talking about something intriguing to this, like counteracting the mushy-mushy 14th Feb with something adventurous and fun! You can go bowling together; play your favourite sport, swim together (with a date along the pool) and much more. This will help you appreciate each other for being together for so long.


Tourists in your own city

What about becoming tourists for one day with your partner on this special day? Go to the place where you had met for the first time, or to the first restaurant where you had set the date night to propose, and other memorable places can be explored to revive the love you both share for each other. This can be accompanied with cute and thoughtful Valentine?s Day gifts for her, from chocolates to a pendant, or even simple flowers. Get them ordered online to avoid the rush at the stores.


Road trips

Stop being so boring, and surprise her with a thrilling road trip idea! Holidaying brings people closer, and road trips involve privacy and exciting moments to cherish for a lifetime. Who said you cannot enjoy one of the tasty customized valentine?s cakes in the car?


Something simple, yet special!

A relationship grows amidst odds, little joys, and adoration for each other. Instead of being clich?, be simple yet special in your celebrations. Do something very touching, from watching the sunset or sunrise together, or waking her up with a tasty breakfast. This togetherness will instantly make you go back to the older days when life used to be a lot easier.

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