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Grow old along with me; the best is yet to be’

Are you finally going to keep your heart out ? Feeling your heartbeats for the first time? Relax and trash your worries as proposing someone doesn’t really need to be something very sensational, it isn’t a movie after all! Be it for a relationship or marriage, stay away from being cheesy and just express what you feel, instead of anticipating and ending up getting those shivers down the spine!

Now, while considering a day to speak your heart out ? Being almost in the Valentine’s week, choose propose day for this action.

Happy Propose day

Make the special one feel more special

– Who doesn’t love surprises? Think of a splendid way to enchant your loved one . Nail this by informing her that she has a romantic dinner date at 8 and once she enters , there is a glee club ensemble holding candles and violins ,appearing in front , and beseeching her with romantic melodies. (You might see her blush by singing yourself something too!)

– Think on what she might be wanting to wear on her big day of getting proposed, and casually gift her a dress with accessories, and a greetings card. where it is inscribed ‘wear this and be ready by 8’, trust this tip as girls love to get pampered any day!

– Consider her personality before deciding on anything to express. Private or public? Which kind of proposal would she love? This way, plan your things accordingly (Make sure of these little things for a yes!)

– Don’t leave anything hidden to your heart. This is the best day to go with the flow of emotions, and explain about your feelings, from the day you fell in love, to how she has endeared you and made you crazy (what is love without madness?? ), speak about everything that you like about her, from her smile to her soul and even the way she moves her hair from that lovely face, because after all girls love compliments!

-Last but not the least, avoid overdoing anything .When it is all about venting out your feelings, why choose to go over the top and make things look unrealistic? To impress her, you don’t need to act like a prince charming with melodrama getting shabby at the end. Just small surprises and little gifts are more than enough to woo a lady!

Souvenirs , with love…

Once, you have got an idea on how to plan things for the gig, if you want to add something more , then little mushy and romantic gifts can definitely charm her (Girls are crazy about gifts!):

Greeting cards with heartfelt messages – If she is very simple and shy, choose to avoid something too fancy and write down about your feelings on a pretty greetings card, with flowery words coming directly from your heart.

Lavish flowers– With the fact that girls love flowers, welcome her to the dinner date with a bunch or bouquet of flowers, arranged beautifully.

Yummilicious exotic chocolates and cakes– If the special one has a sweet tooth( every girl has!), ask her to forget her diet for a day and delve into rich flavours of chocolates and cakes with messages, one liners and quotes written all over . (See the gleam on her face and especially the smile on her lips!)

Fluffy Teddy bears– Girls adore teddies and gifting these snuggly cute soft toys can actually excite her like a kid!

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This Propose Day Profess Your Love To Her With Love And Conviction , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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