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Are you ready to bring to life that hidden crazy self of yours? If you want to make the most of this festival of colors, it is time to break free from the shackles of modesty, shyness and let loose to enjoy to the fullest! The social sanction of having bhang and thandai adds to the zesty mood of the festival and if you want to take the game of colors notches higher, let sweets do the talking too- starting from jalebis, rosgullas to kaju barfis- you will be able to make the most of this festival! There is no need to stand in long queues as there are top e-stores offering sweets in a wide variety for you to make the festival of colors more thrilling and exciting.




Up the playful game with sweets and gulal

Whether it is leaving those finger prints with vibrant hues on the faces of your closed ones, or just letting them drown in the pool of colored waters, the fun game begins with sweets and ends with sweets. Though many prefer to make it a food fiesta, the hard-core non-veg ones (read Bengalis) on Doljatra wait for a yum feast in the form of kosha mangsho, steamed rice, dal, rohu kalia, chatni, papad, people just make most of this festival of colors with full gusto!


Deck up a venue with fresh flowers

Whether it is a friends place, any club or any particular spot that you have chosen to play with colors this Holi, enhance the feel and freshness of the place by adding whirls of flowers be it lilies, orchids, tulips and the more! You can buy flowers online from top-rated stores that offer a wide variety at the best prices with awesome discounts!


This Holi gear up to get wet in the pool of colored water, bring out those pichkaris, throw balloons in the air and turn faces red and yellow smearing gulal…Have some good music ready, Bollywood numbers are going to be great!

Happy Holi!

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