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‘Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories. ‘

Can you imagine a birthday party without devouring into the delicious cake? Cakes form the most yummy and tasty part of birthday parties, and be it the little ones or the grownups, none can ignore the sweetness and happiness they spread. An absolute treat to the taste buds, now you can buy cakes online in Kolkata from the leading e-stories which have a wide variety of cakes, appealing to look and sumptuous to eat.

Apart from the looks they portray, the online shops have introduced endless number of flavours in terms of cakes , and these are quite fresh and mouth-watering to eat.

Buy Birthday Cake of Kolkata

Banana Cake
Over other fruit favour cakes, banana cakes have a different edge and richness , due to the natural sweetness bananas hold. The whipped cream goes well into the fruit and peanut butter cream cheese is the best thing to go as the topping for these cakes.

Lemon Cake
The sourness of lemon combines well with the sweetness of the cream of the cake. People who want to stay away from too sweet cake delicacies must try out the lemon cakes made of lemon zest and grated lemons. The frosty icing comes in lemon curd and raspberries or raspberry buttercream , which are sour, though one can also go for the sugar dusted lemon cakes for more sweetness.

Yellow Butter Cake
If simplicity is your choice , then nothing can replace the yellow butter cakes, which come with one single flavour, and no unnecessary additions. The butter cream or chocolate icing goes well with the cake which is mostly firm and moist.

Rum Cake Cake
When you are considering to buy birthday cake for a boy, make sure to pick up the rum cakes . These cakes have a perfect amalgamation of rum and chocolate, contained toasted nuts and walnuts for a tingy flavour, and they generally have no special icing except sugar syrup.

Red Velvet Cake
Using beetroot as sweetener , the red velvet cake is one of the most tempting and popular birthday cakes found today. The red velvet cakes are classy to look , and come with butter roux icing, cream cheese of chocolate ganache icing.

Chocolate Rosewater Cake
Though chocolate is one of the most popular flavours for cakes, still variations are brought today which you can find when you head to buy birthday cake of Kolkata. The traditional chocolate cakes are infused with rosewater buttercream , a sweet and subtle filling, Thus people who love chocolate cakes can experiment with the chocolate rosewater cakes as a fresh new option.

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