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Christmas cake


Christmas is officially around the corner, and none of us can wait to indulge into the tasty treats this festive season with families and friends. The decorated Christmas special cake designs are creating a stir, and from being great gift options to getting them for parties, we always look out for the best from the leading flowers and cake delivery online stores. The tempting treats are better when they look amazing too, complementing the festive season. Thus, get ready to be stuck up with some designer Christmas cakes, be it the simple chocolate flavour , the fresh new carrot or the vanilla.


The classic cakes are now being turned into inventive and exceptional deserts, be it the muffins, pastries, loafs or layered ones for the munchkins. Also, the flavours are made rich with almonds, resins, coconut slices, cherries and much more. The exquisite combination of different ingredients makes them highly lip smacking, and desired by all age groups.


Wondering what are the recent Christmas special cake designs this season? Here are some of them.


The retro inspired Christmas cake

The retro special Christmas cakes come with elegant factor, and the vintage edge. The Christmas tree embossed with royal icing piped which brightens up the fervor of the cake for the festive season. They have hand painted accents in sleek and graceful motifs and patterns, with cream of different types. These cakes are perfect for the little ones, and also the sophisticated touch make them great gift options.


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Contemporary mosaic style cake

For the parties you have to attend on Christmas, you can gift them the striking Christmas cakes. Get the cakes which come with the use of simple shapes and traditional Christmas colors of red and green. Go for different motifs, from the Scandinavian prints, knit patterns or fashionable artworks and illustrations.


The kids special snowman buttercream cake

Looking for a Thank You present at your party on Christmas? Go for the kids special snowman buttercream cake ordered from the online store. Add buttercream with the right piping and icing , and also ask the store to add some personalized Thank You message on the cake with different colors. Different sparkling edible accessories can also be used to complete the cake with refined finesse.


Christmas cake


The funky frozen inspired cake

For the children, the Christmas fun is not complete without the detailed frozen characters inspired cake. The sugar gems, with fondant frills and accessories fused with the studded jewels and fairytale detailing will be loved by the children a lot. If you are not satiated with the fun quotient, you can brief the cake store to add the glittering luster dust on the board, snowflake plunger cutters, ruffles and edible paints in different colors.


Penguin Christmas cake

Looking for a character special Christmas cake to notch up the fun quotient of a party? The bright colored fondant can be used on the surface, with colorful accessories and the penguin placed from above. The sparkling Christmas tree with gift wrapped parcels will increase the outlook of the Christmas special cake.


Christmas cake


Snowman cake

Go for the snowman special cake which comes in the fusion of colorful fondant accents, cutout snowflakes, crisp buttercream and a lot more. The frosting snowman will create wonders for the recipient of the gift, and to deliver something extra, let a floral tape come to the rescue.


Thus, this Christmas trust the online cake order services of top e-stores to get hold of the fresh new festive designs.

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