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“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”


Thanks to the hard work and dedication, with unending love and support of the mothers, which have made possible for us to live in the world ,with an identity of our own. A teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness, a mother’s prayers clung to us forever, be it at the times we brood with sadness and hardships or when we gleefully embrace joy and happiness. The number of sacrifices she has made deserves a day of appreciation and thanksgiving, isn’t it? The tender arms of mother hood, where all love begins also expects warm hugs and sweet kisses, and hence, the Mothering Sundays celebrated in UK paved the way for International Mother’s day to be celebrated worldwide on the 8th day of the month of May.


The divine gift of purity and strength…



A day is definitely not enough to? equal the incessant hardships moms go through to give us the perfect life, but also, a day is enough to make her feel the most special person in the whole universe! A little effort and adoration , with appreciation, is all she needs on this day, be it with a queen like treatment, or with homemade foods and sweet-spicy surprises. ?It is all about treating the amazing moms with open arms and nothing can replace the smile which you end up putting on her face!


Pamper her (Just like she does for the rest of the year!)



From getting you ready for school to singing you lullabies at night when you were a baby, you can never imagine the number of foregoings which she has made for her babies! Take out some time from your busy schedule and spend this second Sunday of the month of May on her name:

  • Greet her the best morning with a cup of tea and yummy chocolate cookies!
  • Get hot water ready for a relaxing aroma shower with essential oils (let her tired soul get some tranquility!)
  • Cook her favourite dishes and feed her with your own hands (be her mother for a day)
  • Get the DVDs of her collection of shows and movies and spend time watching them over popcorns !
  • Take her out for shopping and make her try the most crazy and fun-filled stuffs!

?Coddle your mom with sweet-little surprises


If she loves getting surprised over small acts of happiness? and love,? you will have a lot of ways to entice her with. Want some ideas? We are sure you do , so here are some:


  • Wake her up with a lovely bouquet of mixed assortment of flowers.?? Let her open the door on listening to the doorbell to get the aroma of fresh enchanting blossoms! You can check the leading e-stores to buy flowers online.
  • Fill few of the jars of the kitchen with chocolates and dry fruits which she can munch all day long!
  • Get her a huge cake and end the day cutting it , with a thanksgiving note by the side. You can buy cakes online in Kolkata to check on customised options in a wide array of flavours.
  • Deck her up in a brand new dress and take her out for a memorable date!
To put someone else’s happiness and well being ahead is what motherhood symbolises! Let her intoxicate your life , outliving you with tons of blessings and a promise to catch you whenever you fall!
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Take a moment to thank your mom this Mother's Day with happiness and love , 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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