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Online Cake | flowerzncakez - 2015



  Proper business meeting etiquacy is on demur. In fact, many business owners, these days, prefer hoodies and joggers over formals for their meet-ups with the clients. And needless to say, more often than not, things don?t end on a happier note for them; unless, of course, the clients themselves are clad in lungis, kurtas […]

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  December is that time of the year which we eagerly wait for because they bring us sheer joy and happiness with a number of festivals lined one after another. It may not come to us a surprise but with the popularity of Western festivals, we have completed recognised their traditions and fused it with […]

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Anniversaries are a notable day for the married couples as it celebrates their belonging together. No other day can be as distinct as this one. While exquisite diamond jewellery or an expensive wallet has become conventional, you can experiment by arranging for a quiet romantic candle- light dinner followed by a sumptuous cake. You can […]

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So, it is your niece?s birthday approaching and you feel helpless being far away? It is time to ditch all these worries, and let the online gift stores and cake shop do take care of your woes. With online platforms getting so advanced with time, splurging on the best online stores is a blessing, and […]

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Remember those times when you?d skip doing your homework and your teachers would scold you the next day in front of everyone, while you curse them your minds off? Yes, those glorious school days (!!!) that once looked painful and tedious only to now be recognized as the ?best days of my life.?     […]

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