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Wedding anniversary is basically a day filled with nostalgia of sweet memories of the past. From meeting for the first time to sharing that first kiss and marrying- finally- to the excitement of the ?honeymoon period?- couples reminiscence each of the moments they have spent together. While re-living the sweet-n-bitter past on wedding anniversaries is one important thing, this day is also apt for making new memories. And to make this day memorable, exchange of wedding anniversary gifts play a very important role.

Anniversary Gifts Online

Here are six old-school gift items that are still very popular in today?s culture and their symbolic meaning that you might not know-


Teddy bearsTeddy bears are more than just a gift. This item, unlike sweets and flowers, stays with the person for a very long time. If you give teddy bears to someone and even when you are not there with them, they will always remember you. It represents ?being there?.


Hugging these teddy bears, people remember the old memories. These teddies share moments with people. They stays with the person all the time, listen to his/her deepest secrets with ?no demands and no complaints?.


Dry fruitsDry fruits signify the health and prosperity of the relationships.


FlowersFlowers are one of the first items that people offer to others irrespective of the occasion. Of course there are many types of flowers that have their own symbolic meanings, the best one as anniversary gifts online is tulip and red rose. These two flowers symbolize declaration of love for the other person. Their sweet essence relates to the freshness of the relation between the couples.


CardsAlthough love needs no words to express itself, greeting cards could be a great source for the couples to write down their feelings with more emotion than their mouth can ever express. These words stay on the card- forever. This symbolizes the extended longevity of the relations.


SweetsAs the name suggests, sweets imply at the sweetness in the relationship of the happy couple.


BalloonsBalloons are evidently childish to offer as wedding anniversary gifts, but it has deep meanings to it. Juvenile, balloons represent the freshness and enthusiasm of the relationship between the couple. The bright and popping colors of these balloons hint at the bright future for the couple.


So next time you are out to buy wedding anniversary gifts, buy any, or all, the above mentioned items; for they represent and symbolize much more than what our naked eyes can meet.
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Six Classic Wedding Anniversary Gifts Online and Their Symbolic Meaning, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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