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The holy month of Ramadan has almost come to an end and it is time to gear up for the much-awaited Eid-Ul-Fitr which is a religious holiday marking the end of the fasting month. Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world are getting ready to celebrate this day in full swing. But even though it is a special day, it is more like a routine for Muslim families where they get up, pray Fajr, eat breakfast, hug each other Eid Mubarak and have people over to eat, eat and eat.



Why not make Eid 2016 a really special holiday for all to remember? Below are some great suggestions put together to help each one of you celebrate this momentous occasion in a gala manner spreading joy, love and a lot of happiness.


Decorate the House

How often do we all get time to do something together as a family? This Eid, just forget about work, school or any commitments that you might have and help your mother clean and decorate the house so that everyone that passes by your house can get inspired by the festive spirit. And instead of dumping the entire cooking responsibility on your mom, why not help her out a bit? Basically, be a family in the truest sense.



Play Secret Santa and Surprise Your Dear Ones

Give secret gifts to your near and dear ones. The e-gift stores are stocked up to help you out this Eid. Maybe send over a scrumptious, yummy chocolate or black forest cake to your relatives, a basket full of dry fruits or a basket full of chocolates, candies and all things sweet for the little ones or a simple card to extend your greeting and wishes. After all, celebrations can be made memorable by exchanging gifts and it doesn’t matter whether you are home for Eid or away for some work, your gifts are going to proxy for your absence and let everyone know that you’re heart is very much home.

You could also maybe plan in advance and place an order for gifts for your brothers, sisters and relatives and also ask the online store to gift wrap it for you so that when they open the door and look at that beautifully wrapped gift waiting, their joy would know no bounds.


Watch Sultan…

Salman Khan always wishes to add shizz and glamour to Eid celebrations by releasing his films on this day so that Muslims all over the world can enjoy some hearty laughter, rollercoaster emotions and oh, ass-kicking action. What better way to end the day than watching his much-awaited release, Sultan? Then?book your advance ticket?today. ?After Sallu Bhai, head straight to some restaurant because your mother needs some pampering too.


Make the Homeless Children Near Your House Feel Loved

Though the holy month of Ramadan makes it mandatory to give Fitra and Zakat to the poor and homeless, this year don’t do it out of compulsion but just to make them smile. Donate all the extra Eid food to the poor children in your locality and as their smile radiates their soul, you shall be amply blessed by Allah.



The e-gift stores are doing a fabulous job in bringing hearts together even if there is a physical and geographical separation. Get together and make Eid 2016 extremely special, not just for yourself and your family but everyone around you. To end on a happy note, allow us to extend our greetings to all our Muslim brothers and sisters…


Wish You All a Happy and Peaceful Eid.

May Allah Accept Your Good Deeds, Forgive Your Transgressions and Ease the Suffering of All People Around the Globe..

Eid-Ul-Adha Mubarak

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