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Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ‘it will be happier’…?

Be it the custom of heralding a new year or welcoming spring with open hearts and wide arms, Poila Boishakh brings in joy, love and togetherness for the lives of the Bengalis all around the world. Immersed in the festive spirit , the charming Bong community get soaked in new clothes, cooking authentic Bengali dishes and exchanging gifts with loved ones. From meat curry, jumbo prawn dishes to rasgoollas , the lip-smacking dishes never fail to entice , with the aroma of traditions and cultures injected galore!

Now, a busy week of the new year which is coming by, as you will be jam-packed with the schedules of planning get-togethers, managing home and office, we will lend you few great ideas to play with this 14th April:

Poila Boishakh Gifts Idea

Joy begins from home

It is your home which deserves to get decked up on the eve and dawn of the new year, so that you wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated. How to do this? Nothing can replace the exquisiteness and simplicity which flowers hold, and they will be the best choice when it comes to decking up your home. Being busy enough amidst the daily routines, get some time to go for the best online flowers delivery service , and ask them to get you the best flowers, both loose and in bunches, so that you can use them in your interior decoration. Make garlands of the loose flowers and hang it at the door entrance, and place the loose petals on the rangolis. Also, keep scented bouquets at the bedroom and living room to notch up the ambience with a soothing stance.

Call happiness by inviting friends and family

Around the whole year, we hardly get time to spend quality time with our loved ones. Hence, these are the days which can help you get the perfect chance to re-unite with them ,and start things afresh. Invite them and call them home, with specially delicious home cooked dishes prepared by you. Let the veritable Bengali cuisine like bhaja mooger dal (roasted mung dal) mutton kosha (meat curry) , payesh (kheer) and mishti doi (sweet curd), spread smiles on the faces. Instead of wasting time at the sweet shop at the queue, order motichoor laddo, rasagoolas, or kaju katlis online through a top e-store and get those delivered fast.

Let your gifts speak

Whether it is the traditional Dhakai Saree, punjabi kurta for the men, or simple assortments of sweets and flowers, exchanging gifts is a way to show your love for someone on this day. Be it someone who is away from the home land in some foreign country, the orphanage or the old age home you love visiting, making others happy can be the best reason for the curve on your lips. Bank on this opportunity, and send flowers online to your beloved on this occasion, and greet them with warmth and adoration. Choose a good florist online so that you can be assured that your gifts reach in time and these joys of sharing the little happy moments with the people you love will be memories cherished forever. Not to forget, the smiles you will see on the faces of the underprivileged children or on the wrinkled faces of the old people, will be irreplaceable!

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Raise a Toast to a New Life This Poila Boishakh with Online Flowers Delivery Service , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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