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” Flowers wilt, jewellery tarnishes, and candles burnout… but chocolate doesn’t hang around long enough to get old.”- if this is what you believe in with heart and soul, then the coming Chocolate Day is going to be too much fun for you.

Happy Chocolate Day 2016

Some facts to remember

9th February would be just another day for the singles, but considering it is Chocolate Day might interest a large number of people. On the other hand, for the couples this calls for a celebration to indulge their loved ones in one of the most alluring things on earth. Plus, the various benefits of chocolates, especially of the dark ones, in improving cardio-vascular functions besides brightening up the mood, make them a must-have in everyone’s shopping cart, except those with diabetes.

Apart from health benefits, chocolates are known to be an aphrodisiac, helping release love hormones, kindle romantic feelings and add spark to relationships. Here are some chocolate treats that you can vouch for to make this Chocolate Day even more chocolate-y.

Chocolate bars

The tempting taste of chocolates is quite hard to resist for anyone. So indulge your sweetheart in chocolate titbits with a big bar gifted to her on this special day. To avoid the rush on this day at the local confectionary shops, you can place your order online by selecting your preferred flavour and packaging details anytime of the day. Now if you want to spoil your “Pretty Woman” a bit more on this day, keeping an eye on your tight budget, then ditch those expensive dinner dates and surprise her with a large hamper of cute shaped chocolates, chocolate cake and a cuddly teddy bear followed by a cosy celebration at home. After all, staying together is all that matters.

Chocolate cakes

If you and your partner swear by the gooey flavour of chocolate( of course you do, who doesn’t?), then you must book that delicious truffle or black forest cake in advance at an online store. These come in eggless variants as well. For special toppings and ice frosting, you can contact them online.

Customized chocolates

True feelings are reached well only when you do something from heart. Now be it your girlfriend, live-in partner or your wife, who will know better about her taste than you? So select some heart or rose shaped chocolates or write a small but heart-felt note on a chocolate cake and make booking for the ones that you think she may love. In case you have only begun to know each other, then you can either collect information about her likes and dislikes from your mutual friends or trust the expertise of a reputed online confectionary shop.

Chocolate-y spa products

Words will fall short if you want your loved one to know how much you care for her. So pamper your lady with a special hamper of chocolate-y spa products which will not only nourish and rejuvenate her skin but also bring a smile on her glowing face instantly.

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Make This Chocolate Day Even More Special with Your Loved One, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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