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Are you all set to spruce up your house with the beautiful rangoli, Krishna footsteps and the Krishna Village scene? Of course, it is the very special Janmashtami! And how can you forget the Dahi-Handi or the curd pot. One thing that makes this day sweetly alluring are the special Janmashtami Mithais. Isn’t it?

janmasthmi 2015

What happened on Janmashtami? ?

The dearest Hindu lord; little Krishna was born on the eighth(ashtami) day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada, which is the month between August and September. Commemorating his birth, mighty India celebrates Janmashtami, also known as Krishnashtami or Gokulashtami after his name!

While everyone is gearing up for the festivity, the entire celebration remains incomplete without some special sweets made from pure milk.? The handsome dark boy playing musical notes of ‘Om jai Jagadish’ with his flute is known to love Makhan (pure butter) and was named the Makhan Chor. And what are those?

Four Delectable Sweets For The Special Day And How It is Made

janmasthmi celebrations in India

1. Makhan-e-Kheer

Even uttering the name, brings water to the mouth! Imagine the amount of pleasure you will experience slurping on it. To increase your temptation, here is the ingredient information- Made in pure milk and Makhan that is roasted dry and roughly crushed. The mixture gets rich almonds, sugar, few finely sliced green pistas and rose petals to garnish. While this can be made at home, you leave the trouble on the experts book it from the online sweet stores.

2. Kaju Katli

The Indian cashew nut fudge is the timeless favorite and there is no such occasion that goes without grabbing a bite of these Kaju Barfis. Finely cut in the diamond shapes these are made in bowl of cashew nuts, sugar, water, lots of pure ghee, and refined butter. Nicely wrapped in silver foil, a box of Kaju Katli is delivered to every house. You can now send a box or bring one home it sitting at your home, with the online sweet store experts.

3. ?Nariyal Magaz Prasad

Lip smacking cube shaped sweets, these Krishna special sweets are made in dry coconut that are thickly grated and mixed with magaz or melon seeds, water and sugar.


4. Motichur Ke Laddu

Eye popping tongue tickling, these Laddus are another favorite of the millennium or beyond. Shaped in rounded balls soft and juicy, the taste lingers till eternity. It is made from gram flour, sugar, milk, ghee green cardamom seeds, almonds and pistachios that are blanched and slivered.

While you are busy in decorating your house with color and lights, order the delicious sweets online from a reputed store and have a happy and memorable Janmashtami.

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Janmashtami- Satiate Your Sweet Tooth On The Birthday Of Lord Krishna!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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