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The month of Ashadh is here with the festival of Rath Yatra ?(celebrated on 29th June)?on its way. Throughout the country and abroad, it is celebrated with great rejoice and enthusiasm as every year we welcome the three deities- Lord Jagannath, Lord Balaram and Lord Subhadra. Being one of the biggest festivals in India, all the streets are flooded with chariots carrying their idols, decorated intricately with many colors, flowers and other decorations.

Rath Yatra:
Rath Yatra

Well, every occasion is always welcomed by everyone; for it’s a holiday! And then there’s this really fantastic feeling of finally getting together with family and close relatives without worrying about work. Before the day of the festival, all are busy with the decoration of their home, and of course, the Raths. Now all sorts of decorative items, flowers, etc. are available online and they could be delivered at your doorstep, ready to be used. You can choose from large collections and varieties of flowers – both natural or artificial and of all kinds and colors- which will adorn the chariots, and with proper selection, bring out in them elegance and attractiveness. You may also purchase flowers online and decorate your home, creating and enchanting perfume evoking in you a sense of auspiciousness.

And, of course, there cannot be any celebration without sweets, right? Ratha Yatra 2014 celebrationsEspecially children enjoy festivals to gorge into all the sweets that they can get their hands on! Online stores offer a wide range and types of mouth-watering sweets like rasgullas, gulab-jamuns, kaju and badaam barfis, sandesh, and many more, that too according to color, shapes, sizes, and even calorie content for the health-conscious consumers. You can make your choice and simply order them from anywhere to be delivered right at home.

Alternatively, you can purchase your favorite cakes and chocolates online. Many different cakes are available online and you can just browse through the stores on your phone or laptop and select your favorite delicacy!
Ratha Yatra Gifts
You can also buy chocolates -choose from different designs and flavors, get them packed or gift-wrapped. Sending them to your distant relatives is also on the cards via online facilities. It is no longer a Herculean task and you will make this -for your family members, friends, in-laws, relatives- a memorable Rath Yatra.


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Immerse in a Mood of Celebration This Rath Yatra! , 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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