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There are no disasters worse than the ones that you face on the plate. At times, you could wish for and sustain a grenade exploding in your mouth than eat that lump of slob that some loved one may have baked and decorated only for you on your special day. Not all loved one?s are experts in cooking; not all wives and mothers make the best pastry chefs and not all fathers and husbands qualify to run a bakery with their skills; however, what these otherwise wonderful people with limited skills in baking can do is get across easy recipes that even dummies can succeed in plating up.


As far as birth anniversaries are concerned, thousands of well wishers have taken it upon themselves to make the best birthday cake recipes among the easiest existing ones, available to all who keep high hopes and dreams to deliver a masterpiece while bearing not enough talent for the same. More and more inexperienced bakers are trying out these extremely simple recipes in the preset days available mostly through the internet, and are also being able to bring about the outcomes they had expected out of their endeavors. Besides the basic guidance to ingredients and process, guidance for easy decorations is also offered through these sources.

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