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Folks, it is that time of the year again! The festive season has rolled in and it is now time to get the house tidied up, arrange the puja thalis, brush off the moth balls from the red-bordered sarees and chaniya cholis and perfect those garba or dhunichi dance moves. While, the current days of anticipating the fun-filled week are quite fun in themselves; the actual days of puja will be upon you before you even know it and they will be over just as quickly. So, preparations should be started as soon as? possible, if they are not already underway. Navratri starts on September 25th this year and the Mahapanchami that Bengalees wait for so eagerly, is just a few days later, on the 29th.

send  Durga puja gifts to kolkata


By now, the fashion routines must have been checked and re-checked; but what about your culinary indulgences? Durga Puja or Navratri, is when you give into all your cravings, that you would rather steer clear of during the course of the year. While fasting and feasting are going on hand in hand, A Bengalee has got to treat themselves to their favorite sweets. If you a Probashi Bengalee and are still cracking your brains over what to send as Durga puja gifts to your Kolkata friends, try the new assortments of sweets and cakes that most confectioneries offer during this festive season.

Whether you stay in the city or not, you will require to gift your pals and relatives with something or the other during the puja and what serves this purpose better than a large variety of sweets? Select assorted sweet baskets as puja gift online and send it with your warm wishes. Old school or modern, whatever the receiver’s outlook is, they would be all praises about your thoughtfulness. When you are buying Durga puja gifts online, try to stray off the conventional path and pick some innovative presents like sunglasses and books, rather than dhotis and sarees. You can experiment on the sweets front too. Yes, everyone loves sweets, but try sending them a Happy Durga Puja or Navratri cake. The cake can be completely customized to suite their tastes, both in aesthetics and flavors. You will be pleased to see the surprised smile on their faces once they see it. Oh, and when you decide to send online Durga puja gifts to friends and family, don’t forget to include a bouquet of flowers. Nothing brings a breath of bright festive air into the house like a bouquet of fresh fragrant flowers!

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Here Are Some Online Gift Ideas For The Much-Awaited Festive Season, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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