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“Be a free spirit to play with colors?

Heralding the arrival of spring and bidding a farewell to winter, Holi, the festival symbolizing the bright and boisterous celebrations of goodness over evil is once again back this year with exuberance and mirth. So, are you ready with the colors and the much essential pichkari? The two days long affair with gulals and water balloons, and the resulting color flinging mayhem, this is a festival which definitely sets India apart, and obviously marks rejuvenation , brimming with optimism and ecstasy.

The use of colors remaining constant in all the states, the manner how Holi is played, differs. Be it the dancing shoes of Manipur, praising the God of love in South India or the music festival of Kumaon. This kaleidoscopic festival paint the sky with vivid hues, with happy faces all around!

happy holi celebrations

A crazy festival, Holi calls for crazier celebrations, isn’t it? So how are you celebrating Holi this year? If you have not decided yet, we will get you covered with few out of the box ideas , which will make this year’s Holi worth being cherished all throughout life:

Spread love at the orphanage

You might be celebrating Holi every year with your friends and families, but what if this year you try to please an orphan ? Make this holi better and substantial by spreading a share of your time and most importantly some love , which they are devoid of. Wondering how to make things perfect in such a short notice? Trash all your worries as the online stores come with holi special offers, and with just one click you can get stuffs delivered. Make them a part of the this frenzied celebration with chocolates, teddies, and cakes , apart from the water balloons, pichkaris and gulals. After all as the saying goes , “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”!

Enjoy with the senior sweethearts

It is sad to see elderly people at the old age homes, but then you can bring a change to their lives for one day during Holi. As old age is often regarded as the second phase of childhood , how would it be to witness their innocence getting cheered up once again ? Let them not seek happiness in the distance, help them grow it under their feet. Visit an old age home with your friends , carrying sweets (who doesn’t like authentic Indian sweets? ), chocolates , cakes and colors to fill their lives with joy and mirth. Order online from the e-stores , so that you don’t need to face the rush at the shops, worrying about timely availability. What can be a better way to spend a festival, after all happiness lies in the thrill of a creative effort to make others happy!

send holi gifts online

Home, family, blessing…

We often forget to spend quality time with our families owing to the everyday busy schedules. Fix a date with the whole family this Holi, and throw a house party! Plan a dress code, order flowers for decoration from the popular online florists for a hassle free delivery, and, of course, no Holi is complete without bhang, sweets, wine and chocolates! Let the e-stores take care of our needs , while you indulge into some genuine smiles and warm hugs , amidst the love of the family!

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Frame Your Life With Colors Of Love And Happiness This Holi , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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