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As the midnight bell rings, India celebrates the world?s biggest democracy. Celebrated on the 15th August every year, India completes 67 years of independence. Such an auspicious occasion unites the entire country with patriotic hearts and heads held high. The nation commemorates Independence Day, with great delight and esteem arranging cultural programmes in schools, colleges and different small and big communities. This moment of pride not only lets India discover herself, but steps out to dedicate this day to all the real heroes, the fearless freedom fighters of our nation.

15th august

?15 august, In Indian history marked the true glorious hours, offering the Motherland witness freedom, and allowing countrymen to awake to a new life. As a sovereign nation, India memorializes the lives of martyred souls, unfurling the rich tricolor flag unprecedentedly. The freedom struggle that continued for long years at the cost of innumerable lives, in 1947 finally accomplished to attain the victory, seizing powers back from the colonial British rule. Unfortunately the nearing Independence saw growing Hindu-Muslim divergence. But these uncontrollable communal conflicts blissfully paced the date of Independence Day. Hence at the stroke of midnight, India was sworn as an independent country.

Such auspicious occasion indefinitely calls for a celebration marking the day as a national holiday. However, celebrations around the country are although arranged differently, yet they are celebrated without a miss. Flag hoisting ceremony extraordinarily marks the start of the day, prior to the huge cultural celebrations. Supreme authorities as the Prime Minister and President address the nation on this day attesting the progress of the nation. Another tradition commonly practice on this day is ?kite flying? event. Hugely popular among the Indians, this event shows vibrant colored flags soaring in the sky and signifying expressions of freedom.

Happy freedom day

While the heart touching national anthem, reminds the countrymen their nostalgic past, the high ideals reminds the contemporary youth their responsibilities. The patriotic feel spreads across the nation with varied nationalistic themed activities. Families and friends get together and run through the episodic flashbacks, offering sweets and small tokens, sharing their mutual feelings about the day.

Oncoming of such precious moments, invites us to rethink about our righteousness and consciousness, and strike a chord of being true to ones nation. It reminds countrymen to hold up to the virtues of being truly free, breaking all ?narrow domestic walls?, eradicating all corrupted emotions. And striving to achieve such aspirations will truly venerate Independence Day. Revive such feelings among your friends and family, while you offer them some Independence Day special tokens. And such precious will enhance your priceless tie. We help you to celebrate and satiate your sweet tooth with sweets and cakes of varied tastes and flavor.

Have a great day!

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