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Decorating ideas are in continuous motion holding hands with the zeal to try something innovative and public?s demand to better the wedding functions. Flowers will always be the common factor among all the experimentations.

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In India, next to the most auspicious occasion after pujas are weddings. And so, the rituals, customs and decorations strolling around the propitious engagement and wedding are always grand with a capital ?G?. Bright colored flowers have no substitute in wedding adornments as they intensify the spirit of merriment and joy limitlessly. Few decorating ideas that have been recently unearthed are:


Art crafts and wall decors ? Marigolds, roses and gulmohars are the most known blossoms to make hinging garlands, bell shaped designs; Earthen colors like orange or blackish red gives a traditional brushing backed by mini lanterns and candles.
Floral rangoli:

A well embellished rangoli made of variety of flowers; reflecting uncountable emotions will surely seize the lime light. Usually, floral petals are used for this purpose, but few strokes of gulaal will elevate the beauty.


Floral thali:

Showering the pious floral petals on the baaratis is an age old tradition. The innovation that has been brought in is the giant silver and golden thalis decorated with floras of different shapes, colors and sizes. The thalis are placed at the entrance giving a warm welcome to the guests.Whatever may be your idea to decorate and whatever flower you choose, the purity of the occasion perfectly goes in sync with the purity of flowers.

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Flower decorating ideas for engagements and weddings, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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