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Speaking the hushed language of blossoms requires thorough understanding of Floriography. You can find them over the internet. This blog is wandering around the Indian emotions and the associated flowers.

When words fail to express, speak the language of flower. They often prove to be the most powerful media in the world to end enmity; glorify festivity; communicate love in all forms and start afresh. But often we bewilder about what blossom to select that will aptly fit the situation. There are many guides you can find across the internet showcasing different blossoms across the world infused with many symbolic meaning. India is prevailed by certain emotions and occasions which can be aptly presented via different flowers.
Love ? Irrespective of geographical boundaries, red is the color of passionate love. Buck the trend of romance and catch the rarely traveled path by gifting a bouquet of red roses; carnations or gerberas to your love.


Cuteness ? Pink is the color for woman and so they are cute. To many, the color also symbolizes positive spirit and delight. The well-liked pink flowers are pink carnation the branded flower signifying Mother?s Day, and pink gerberas for friendship or other cute emotions.


Peace and innocence– Everybody knows, white color aptly represents. White flowers are stuffed with pure innocence and help convey warm and friendly feeling. So gift a bouquet of rare white orchid- implicating a simple thank you or congrats. White roses convey sense of compression. White gerbera daisies perfectly symbolize lively spirits.

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Floriography ? the silent language of flowers in India, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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