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Remember those times when you?d skip doing your homework and your teachers would scold you the next day in front of everyone, while you curse them your minds off? Yes, those glorious school days (!!!) that once looked painful and tedious only to now be recognized as the ?best days of my life.?


teachers day


Correctly said, ?You don?t know what you got till it?s gone?. No wonder every year on 5th September, the now-graduate students jump on to their teachers? Facebook feed to wish them ?Happy Teachers? Day? with a tag-along flattering quote. This, only if they are lucky enough to actually have teachers with active online presence; if not, this exceptional day go just as the regular ones.


If you can relate to these graduate students, please do more than just offering cold, text wishes to your teachers this year.


Don?t be lame this Teachers? Day; do something exceptional

Given the fact that teachers are one of the biggest reasons why you can even read this in the first place, no gesture on this special day could be sufficient enough. Not at least the lame wishes exchange on social media. Do more this year?PLEASE!

And by ?more? we don?t mean buy expensive jewelry and luxury cars for them; not even spend your whole day with them. We get it! You?re short on budget and a busy person now?too busy to even portion-out a small amount off your schedule for the parents.

online cake and flower


Here are 9 ways to delight your favorite teachers ecstatically this 5th September-

  • Send them beautiful flowers and handmade greeting cards.
  • Call them. Don?t have their number? Arrange for it.
  • Know their favorite author? Gift them that author?s new release.
  • Surprise them by paying a personal visit at their house or to wherever they are still teaching today.
  • Call all the school friends and pay a group visit to the now-old teacher to reminisce all the past memories together.
  • Since visiting, it wouldn?t hurt to carry a delicious cake for them, would it?
  • And a pack of dry fruits, we?re sure, wouldn?t really be too much either!
  • If you can afford, or even crowd-source from the ?school group?, buy a bit expensive pen for them. Pens, however clich?, are still just as amazing.
  • Can?t actually visit personally? Send a personal, heartedly letter to delve the teacher back to the memory lane. In the letter, explain how grateful and thankful you are to them. Be honest.

Still reading, thinking and wondering? Might we ask, why? Go on, get on to planning. Dial your old friends and the online cake and flower stores.

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Do more this Teachers? Day than just exchange wishes on Facebook, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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