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?Good relationships don?t just happen? They take time, effort and a lot of patience.?


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If only our lives was like that depicted in the Rom-Com movies, blabbering, creating complications, and hoping luck will sort out every mess would have helped us build successful relationships in plenty. But sadly, that?s not the case!


You want to succeed? You want to live a healthier and happier life? You need good people by your side. Period. And perhaps for this reason, countless leaders stress over the importance of developing a good and reliable network of friends, family and like-minded people.


But again, things are easier said than done. Building relationships isn?t easy. It takes time, effort and lots of patience. It?s even more difficult for the introverts and people who lack decent interpersonal skills.


Are you good in relationships? Do you make friends on the go? Are you likable?


Yes or no, regardless; make 2017 even better. Here are 7 simple but effective ways to help you win people and build lasting, reliable and positive relations-


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Don?t wait for the perfect moment

Many people, too busy in their professional lives, put off to pick up their phone and dial their friends and family members to share few laughs. Some wait for the festivals and important occasions, others are just too hesitant to talk. Don?t be one of these people. Don?t wait for the ?perfect moment?; it will never come. Call and meet people right away!


Take the initiatives

Waiting for others to come to you and talk first is another mistake that many make. You must take the initiative to go to others or ring them and start the conversation. Don?t sway in the uncertainty but instead act proactively. Trust us- the person on the other side will love it.


Don?t expect anything in return

No two people can be perfectly compatible with the same set of thinking process. Meaning, if you will expect something, more often than not you?ll land with disappointments. And disappointments burn bridges in relations. So don?t expect anything in return from others even if you?re doing a big favor to them.


Lend a helping hand

How do you feel when you?re in trouble and someone lends you their helping hands? Pretty Amazing, right? Make others feel the same way. Friends, family members and business partners, be always there for them; help them through problems. Deep down, you?ll feel much better yourself.


Show them you care

Showing people that you really care about them is the surest way to win them over. And today you can do that quite easily. Surprise cake and flower delivery India to their home is one way. With top gift retailers emerging on the scene, you can purchase cheap flowers online along with many other items that vouch to woo the receivers effortlessly.


Become a better version of yourself

?Be the good you want to see in others?. If you want others to be good to you, you must be a better version of yourself first. So fix all your flaws, improve your habits and become the kind of person you want others to be to you.


Remember that ?it?s okay?

It?s important to remember that some relations aren?t build to last. All your efforts might go in vain to appease someone. People will leave you midway. Helping hands might not be there for you when you would need them the most. And IT?S OKAY. Don?t take anything personally. Train yourself to move on.


These are 7 important tips/ways that will help you develop positive relations in 2017. Now you know, act today and stride towards a successful, healthier and happier life.

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