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merry christmas


Flowers have been carrying a very personal and intimate message since time immemorial, and they are the best medium to express your love and adoration towards someone. Creating different emotions, flowers should be thoughtfully given thinking about the persona and lifestyle of the receiver. From boosting someone?s mood to bringing smile on someone?s face, flowers can create magic beyond words. The leading flower delivery India services of top stores have come up with a wide array of options and provisions to splurge on the most exquisite flowers, be it the simple lilies and roses to the orchids and amalgamation of different types. They carry different meanings depending on the types, genre, color and arrangement. While gifting them, one should be careful about the meaning which the flowers would hold when given to someone. A cheap gift option but none can portray your emotions like flowers do. They have magical warmth which is completely irreplaceable, and no other gift can replace the class they hold.


Christmas week is here, and we all are getting confused on what to gift our near and dear ones. No matter what you have thought of, make sure to add the flowers to your gifts to increase the beauty on a whole.


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Here is a brief guideline to give flowers as gifts.


Consider the recipient

Considering the likes, dislikes and personality of the recipient is very important to bank on the right flowers as gifts. Do they like the bouquet to decorate home? Or some arrangement for the romantic date nights? Or want to plant some in their garden? Thus, make a list of everything they want, so that it helps you to choose the right flowers to be given as gift this festive season.


Color and genre hold inner meaning

The flowers and their colors have different meanings, and symbolize the idea they are portraying. Thus, you need to have a detailed information on what the flowers signify, and what meanings their colors hold. Different cultures and customs have different hidden meanings, so be careful about your selection. For instance, for your partner, the red roses or pink ones will work perfect. To someone elder, you can go for the white lilies for something classy. Also, the types of roses constitute an array of significances, so think a lot before splurging on roses as gift options. Thus, as different flowers have different meanings, you need to think about the message you want to convey through them.


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Be spontaneous

Instead of running out of choices and being monotonous, you need to go for the mixture of different types of flowers arranged in a coordinated manner or carelessly. The cheap flowers online stores will allow you to mix up your preferred flowers into a bouquet or basket properly, delivering a contemporary edge. Just like a big arrangement will signify the amount of involvement you had, the small one will also subtly express your feelings without being over the top. Make sure to keep a coordination of colors while mixing the different flowers, so that things don?t look confusing and odd.


Different add-ons

The proper add-ons to the flower arrangements will increase the essence of the whole gift. For Christmas, you can ask the online gift store to add the red wine bottle, the cake, chocolates or some other items with the flowers. Expressing sentiments become easier with this!

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