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Who said only wives deserve to get pampered? Even men love it when they are surprised with love, hugs and gifts on birthdays! Birthday is an occasion when someone deserves to be felt special hence, being a wife it is your duty to treat him that way. Be it a well though out surprise or the little efforts you take part in, it is not that difficult to woo a man after all!


The online shops and mediums are constantly coming up with new options and ways to make a man happy on his birthday. Be it through the online birthday cake delivery, or the travel coupons offered by the leading e-gift sites, you get a galore of options to celebrate his birthday.

online birthday cake delivery

Still confused? Here are some of the ways to surprise him on this occasion.


Early morning song dedication on radio

Instead of doing things in a very outdates manne, what about splurging on something unique this time? You would love to see him blush as you dedicate a song for him in the morning show of his favourite FM channel! Nothing speaks in a better way than music.


Something adventurous

The online gift websites have now come up with the newest trend of ravel coupons. This helps you to choose the trips and adventurous experiences to indulge into, within a mentioned budget. Thus, be it an adventurous trip for a day, or to have some fun on the birthday weekends, you can lend him an adventurous travel coupon. Men love adventure to the fullest!


His hobby becomes yours for a day

For the special day, you can own his hobby as yours! Be it bowling, swimming, or just watching movies, you can accompany him to take part in his hobby. What can be more special and loving than this?


Brighten up his office day

So it is a weekday and he is feeling cranky for being loaded with works? You must put a little effort to break this boredom! Plan to deck up his work cubicle, with his favorite items, get in touch with an online florist and order flower bouquets for the desk, and pin up notes on the board with sweet birthday messages! Also, surprise him with a lunch box when he expects you the least.


Dinner under full moon

Instead of going to restaurants, what about a full moon dinner? Plan something very romantic and exotic on the terrace or by the pool of your home or apartment. Make his favourite cuisines, and order the best sweets and wine or champagne from the leading online store to save some time. Soft music and a perfect ambience would complete his day!


Call his friends for cake cutting

online birthday cake delivery

He would definitely want to have his buddies by his side when the clock strikes 12! Decorate the room with balloons, flowers, and candles and call his friends to surprise him at midnight. Also, choose a personalized theme cake of his preferred flavor, and let the party begin!


The family album he always wished for

In the world of technology, we fail to have family albums! They are indeed precious and nothing can replace their vibe. Thus, collate all this childhood and college day photos, some with family, few with friends and obviously with you to put into a beautiful album! Don?t forget to add the captions to spice things up! Wonderful fam-jam moment!

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