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Coming 18th July, the whole nation is going to unite in the festive mood with Rath Yatra. Mainly celebrated in Orissa, the Chariot festival is a popular one when it comes to the big fat Indian fiestas. Like all the other festivities, Rath Yatra is also incomplete without sweets. After all, how can you let the Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra sibling trio leave the house without food, right?

Rath-Yatra Celebration 2015

From decorating the Chariot to filling the offering platter, Rath Yatra is a festival of flowers and sweets. Apart from the temples, this car festival has its impact on everyone and you can see children hauling the smaller versions of the gigantic Chariot in the allies of India. So, get ready for a sweet celebration of this festival! If you have not yet decided what sweets to buy on that very day, then browse the online stores. The great news is that, they have brought a wide array of Indian sweet dishes that you can relish on Rath Yatra. Take a look at the list.

1) Motichur Ladoo:

Motichur Ladoo is an amazing treat and at the same time can be a great option for offering in the “Bhog”. Being dry, this sweet-dish can stay fresh for a long time and its taste has no other match in the world of sweets. If you browse the online sweet stores, you will find pocket-friendly packs of Motichur Ladoos which can sweeten up your Rath Yatra. You can also get a same day delivery if you have forgotten to order in advance.

2) Syrup Soaked Malpua:

Malpua is an all-time favourite sweet used in most of the Indian festivals. Made with semolina, flour, salt, sugar and ghee, this sweet dish can pamper your taste buds. If you have invited your relatives and friends to your house, then offer them a plate of Malpua and bring a smile on their face. No need to go through the toil of making Malpua at home. You can easily find a bucket full of syrup soaked Malpua at the virtual stores.

3) Sugar-free Rasgulla:

This is exclusively for the diabetic devotees who are ready to celebrate this Rath Yatra. The fresh sugar-free Rasgullas available in the sweet stores online are apt for a sweet yet healthy celebration of this festival.

4) Gulab Jamun:

A bucket of brown, round and juicy Gulab Jamun can really add to the perkiness of the merriment. These fried and syrupy sweet-dish is quite a popular one in India and almost everybody enjoys its taste. So, enjoy this Rath Yatra with the mouth-watering Gulab Jamun that are available online.

5) Kaju Barfi:

Yet another dry number after Ladoos is the Kaju Barfi. Made with milk and cashew, it has a lingering taste that you would love to relish. What more is that, this will keep you in budget.

So, if you are geared up for a treacly celebration of Rath Yatra, start browsing the web stores that are popular for the collection of Indian sweet-dishes.


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A Modernized Rath-Yatra Celebration With Delectable Sweets Online!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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