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College days are fun. You meet so many amazing people. One of them becomes your life partner, others become the BFFs. And then there are some of those specials, who outdo every other relation; you share them a bond that is beyond the words to explicate. While they enjoy every moment with you like the ?bestest? of friends, they often get possessive about you like a brother.


?rakhi gifts


Every girl has a guy like this in her life. Sure, you do too. You already had a blast with him this Friendship day, now?s the time to treat him on Raksha Bandhan. Here are 9 rakhi gifts idea to make this day worth remembering for your ?brother from another mother?-

  • Surprise him early in the morning at his home (or PG) and tie him a beautiful rakhi. Make him aware that this day means a lot to you and that you have loads planned for this to-be awesome day
  • He loves chocolates (who doesn?t really?!). Bank on the delivery services of top gift stores and send him big hampers filled with yummylicious custom chocolates.
  • If there?s a line with the most stylish person right ahead and the least one at the last, he sure will be that last person. His wardrobe is a junk and he proves this with his everyday goofy-look. So offer him gift-cards to top fashion stores. Amazon and Myntra are great online places.
  • He?s a hopeless-romantic-guy, often lost with questions and concerns like ?with which girl do I have ?a chance? with?? ?OMG, is she flirting with me?? ?I wonder is that girl likes me?? Resolve these questions and concerns. Prepare him a list of girls who are just out of his league and ?they?re just not that into you?. Would be brutal, eh? But he will laugh it off and would later consider it devotedly.
  • Talking about his love interest, there sure would be a girl that he infatuates, but too scared to make any move. Help him here. Push his wheels and play a cupid in his love life.
  • ?His desperate attempts to have a hair like David Beckham or Zayn Malik are evident (and poor). So take him to a good hairstylist this rakhi and give him a rocking hairdo.
  • On a serious note, send him a pack of dry fruits for his better health. Or a gym membership card if he?s already too healthy *grin*.
  • Order his favorite cake. Celebrate the rakhi with cake cutting session in front of your whole gang of friends. Announce everyone how much this brother means to you and jinx all the hush talk about you two going out.
rakhi gifts
  • Prepare a ?10 year from now?? note. Regardless how close you two are right now, over the course (particularly after college), things would fade and you both would get busy in your own lives. This note would be like a promise, lining everything you and this friend-cum-brother would say and do in your meeting after 10 long years.

These are 9 cool rakhi gifts idea for your ?brother from another mother?. Meanwhile, don?t forget about your real brother. So what he lives in different city?! Contact a good online store, send rakhi to Kolkata or wherever he lives and make him happy.

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