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birthday party


Birthday parties need not necessarily mean balloons and streamers. Some really prefer the elegance and erudition that flowers bring. Using blooms and blossoms to adorn the nooks and corners can add a touch of pastoral and earthy feel to the jamboree and make the day memorable for that special person. You would not want to overdo it either for that can really seem flashy and brazen. So for the unique decoration ideas with flowers, here is a list that you can totally try out without having to put much effort.


Floating centrepieces

Take a few fresh garden roses, nasturtiums, and phlox, put them inside a glass bowl filled with water and leave them undisturbed on the table. You can also use table tiles to support the bowls and provide a vintage look. a few candles will only add to their enigmatic charm.


Hanging flowers

A little imagination and creativity can help you get the perfect flower d?cor to complement the sober mood of the party. Opt for colourful flowers like roses, lilies, sunflowers, multi-coloured orchids and asters that can make the perfect combination for gorgeous adornments.


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Daffodil candlesticks

Take scented organic candles and stick beautiful white daffodil petals on them to create the most elegant looking candle ever. While these small wax pieces will burn and illuminate the surrounding places, they will surely leave behind a subtle aroma to give a sense of pure satisfaction. These are easy to make and will surely become the highlights of the party.


Pom-poms with flowers

From the interiors of your house to the lawn, you can decorate the entire party with floral pom-poms. These are delicate and elegant and can be easily made. You can use strings to tie them together and form colourful and vivid pom-poms. Online flower delivery done by prominent florists near you will help you make these excellent accoutrements with minimal effort.


Blossom coasters

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To add an exceptional emotion to the party, you can make DIY coasters using flowers. Place a single bloom like primroses or red daisy or an array of flowers like lavenders inside two coasters and glue them together for a definitive look. These coasters are a true embellishment that can beautify the table. They serve the purpose of being both useful and fine-looking.


Flower cones

Hang some fresh and vivid blossoms from your doorknob to give the party d?cor a sophisticated touch. It looks extremely chic and graceful, which will definitely help you make a long lasting memory.


Tiered flowers on display

Use flowers like lilac or violas planted in small buckets and place them in tiers for a minimalistic yet magnificent impact on the guests. You can put them in the middle of your garden or increase the exquisiteness of any corner as they are elegant and neat.


Lantern Vases

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Take a small glass and cover it entirely in Chinese lantern papers. Pot some really exquisite and rare flowers like dahlias or stock, and place them on the windowsills for your visitors to be completely mesmerised.


You can get online birthday cake delivery along with fresh flowers that are assembled by the experts for you at a price that is reasonable and affordable. Just a click and make the birthday extraordinary.

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