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Flowers are that beautiful creation of the nature that mesmerises everyone. If you are looking for some spectacular scenario then valleys of flowers will definitely allure you. You don?t really need to be appreciative of nature?s creation to adore the beauty of these colourful little blooms that undeniably bring happiness in our lives. We love the idea of our houses looking pretty with flower decorations. They perfectly complement the d?cor of the house, while leaving behind a trail of delicate aroma that make our hearts leap with joy. Adorning our houses with blooms and blossoms can be a fun filled idea. However, if you want to add a touch of eccentricity to it, then below mentioned are 10 ways in which you can use these accoutrements to decorate your abode.


Flowers in pitcher

A twisted approach to the conventional idea of keeping flowers in fancy vases, you can perfectly use a pitcher to keep your flowers. Opt for a pitcher that has bold and vibrant patterns to make the effect more conclusive. Use a variety of flowers that come in an array of palette for the ultimate decoration piece.



Place a primrose with some green trick dianthus in a lovely teacup and use it as a centre piece for your living room or bedroom. To keep them fresh, pour some water in the cup and cover the cup with a big transparent glass bowl placed upside down. This will heighten the elegance of your house.


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Coloured water vases

Embellish the top of a table with coloured water vases. Use the rainbow spectrum to create a striking illusion. Instead of using vibrant and lively flowers, use blossoms in shades of white like a daisy. Place one flower in each of the transparent vase for a definitive impact.


Wall hangings

Choose flowers of the same shade and stick them together using stick and strings to create an effective wall hanging d?cor. You can opt for roses, dahlias and stock for a soothing complement to your furniture.


Rustic crate

The worn out crates form the best place to store flowers for a longer period without ruining their beauty. Choose colourful and wild blooms like hydrangeas and lisianthus to make a perfect decorative piece for your garden. You can also place them on your balconies or drawing room windowsills for a better impact on your guests.


Boot vases

Don?t just throw away the timeworn pair of boots. Buy some online flowers preferably in white like daisy or jasmine or rare ones like petunia and keep them inside the boot. Hang it on coat hanger or door for a significant appearance. Remember to place a water-filled glass inside the shoes and tie a contrasting ribbon on the edges to let them blossom the interiors of your house.


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Muffin trays

Muffin trays are more useful that just serving muffins. You can use an old tray to cultivate moss. It looks excellent when placed in corners, shelves or windowsills in the kitchen. These plants require less attention and you can just let grow wild for a natural approach.


Ice cream bowls

If you are far from using the extravagant silver ice cream bowls then use them to keep tiny green succulent plants like aloe vera, garden asparagus and many more. They look fresh and juicy, perfectly matching the luxury of the silver ornamentation.

From rare peonies to very popular roses, you can find it all with renowned florists who make online flowers delivery, enriching your experience and helping you titivate your home.

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