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For couples, Valentine?s Day is possibly the most important day; meaning, lot of chips hanging on the shoulder to make this lovey-dovey day as special, for the partner, as possible. It is in this pressure that many set classic examples of ?Valentine?s screw ups?- doing things just the opposite and turning the day in a great disappointment.


valentines day


If you?re planning for 14th February, to make it sweet, romantic and ORIGINAL, here are 7 Valentine?s Day mistakes you should avoid-


Candle light dinner

The idea of candle light dinner ? with poor execution ? has been beaten to death. It is one of the most clich? things you can do for your partner. To that, if you?re really planning to hit all the chords perfectly, you might have to burn a big hole in your pocket. So say no to a ?romantic? candle light meal this Valentine?s Day.


Celebrating with other couples

It is one of those days when you?re supposed to spend some alone ?we time? with her/him. So for whatever reason, if have ended yourself with ?couples night out?, take words from pros, it?s going to suck, and soon you?ll realize it was a big mistake. If there?s still time, pull from the crowded celebration. And plan for a more intimate time.


A movie date

Leave movie dates alone for the regular days. Much like candle-light dinners, it?s too clich? and uninspired. A stay-at-home Netflix marathon is a much better option. It more cozy and will give you two time to talk and get intimate.


Not planning in advance

It?s common and one of the biggest Valentine?s Day mistakes-not planning in advance. So have you been reluctant to this special day, thinking you would manage everything at the last minute, it?s stupid. To keep things smooth and trouble-free, you must plan ahead-right from deciding on the gifts to ordering cakes, chocolates, flowers and teddies online.


Giving ridiculously expensive gifts

This goes especially if you two have just started dating. There?s uncertainty about the future of your relationship. Giving highly expensive gifts to the other might come off as a bit unattractive and desperate. Not to mention, it would cost your month of salary (plus savings). Instead, you should go for hand-made gift items.


Ordering food online

While spending time alone with her/him at home is a great idea ? much more intimate ? you can ruin the probability of more fun by ordering food online. McDonalds and Pizza Hut might serve you the best pizzas but they are nothing comparable to the self-cooked meal. So, instead of ordering food online, plan to prepare a delicious dinner together.


Going over-the-top with ?I Love Yous??

We get it-it is Valentine?s Day and you?re supposed to express your love to the other. However, going gaga over ?I Love Yous? every 15 minutes is unappealing and might make you look desperate. So get creative here. Instead of verbally throwing these 3 words, leave short and expressive notes, play romantic songs and, if you can, write poems.


These are 7 mistakes that would synonym you with ?unoriginal?. So, plan to be different from the rest; plan to make this year?s Valentine?s Day special in real sense.

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