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No denying that when those durr waale uncle and aunty visit our home UNINVITED and we have to make space in our room to adjust that little bua ka beta, it is annoying to say the least.


diwali gift ideas


But that is not to say we don?t love those crazy bunch. We do! And festivals like Puja and Diwali brings about just the right opportunity of showcase our love for them.


What did you give your ?bua? this past Puja?


Nothing? Don?t remember? Or something as ridiculous that you don?t even want to recall?




We?ve got some pretty amazing (and affordable) diwali gift ideas for relatives who don?t live within close proximity, who you don?t see for weeks; gift ideas that guarantees to spread a big smile on their faces and leave a delightful sigh of ?Wow, she/he remembers us!?


Sweets, duh

Can there be any festival in the country without gorging on deliciousness of Indian sweets!? So send your relatives diwali-special sweets. Sweet e-stores are already boasting a large collection that vouches to make your mouth watery even with just a peek.


Pack of dry fruits

diwali gift ideas

Tell them you care about their health with a pack of dry fruits. Top online diwali gifts stores today offer many different sizes and varieties of packs?and all are very affordable.


Decorative flowers

Ensure this diwali their home is adorned beautifully with flowers, garlands and other items. Deliver fresh decorative flowers a day earlier. And see them remember you the whole of diwali every time their guests compliment the house decoration.


Old pictures

Have an old photo collection of your relatives? The time when they were younger self? Make copies of these pictures with beautiful filters and frames and time the delivery right at the morning of diwali. What better way to start this joyous day by reminiscing the past, happy memories!


An invitation

Your relatives don?t always have to visit uninvited. Take this diwali as a perfect occasion to send a formal invitation to them to visit your home the next vacation. A handmade card would make things even more perfect.


Eco-friendly crackers

With the world being more conscious about the well being of environment today, eco-friendly crackers to your relatives can be a cool gift and a friendly reminder of being a responsible global citizen.

diwali gift ideas

Gift hampers

Gift hampers were already a big hit this past Puja and we have no reasons to believe why they won?t do rounds on online diwali gifts stores. Stacked with dry-fruits, flowers, chocolates, sweets, pastries and more, these hampers are nothing short of awesomeness.


These are 7 simple, amazing and affordable diwali gift ideas to surprise and cheer your durr waale relatives this year.

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