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Sweet dishes are an integral part of all the Indian festivals and it is almost like a ritual to reach the relative’s house with a pack full of sweets, isn’t it? If there is any birthday or anniversary celebration on its way and you still couldn’t manage to take time out for sweet shopping, then here is a solution for you! Go online this time and you will be exposed to a huge variety of latest sweet dishes that you have never tasted before. These new Indian sweet dishes are coming straight from the expert sweet makers who have years of experience in this business. If you are wondering what these never-tasted sweet dishes are, then just take a look!

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1. Apple Jalebi and Gulab Ice Cream:

This brilliant sweet dish just can’t be missed! Deep fried apple in the bright golden hue along with the rose-flavoured ice cream can satiate anyone’s taste buds. Rich with the goodness of apple and the fragrance of rose, this dish has occupied all the Indian sweet shops in the virtual arena. If you want to surprise your loved ones in the upcoming festival, then gift them with a these apple jalebi with gulab ice cream.

2. Kesar Mishri Mava:

This dessert made with saffron, ghee and milk is a finger licking delicacy that will sweeten up your festive spirit. This sweet dish is a perfect gift for those who are celebrating their birthday. It also has an auspicious yellow tint that will add to the ceremonial flavour.

3. Til Barfee:

This crunchy square shaped sweets are a mixture of sesame seeds, khoya and sugar. This sweets can also serve as snacks. If you are going to buy sweets online, then do not give it a miss.

4. Coconut Gujiya:

Stuffed with coconut, mava, khoya and pistachio, this coconut gujiya will definitely leave a sweet impact on your tongue. If you have sweet-toothed near and dear ones, then gift them with a whole packet of coconut gujiya and let them relish the taste of love and merriment.

5. Spongy Rasgulla:

The spongy soft rasgullas available at the online sweet shops have become quite popular among the modern customers. Being sugar-free, these rasgullas are favourite among those who are suffering from diabetes.

So, have you decided which sweet dish to choose for your loved ones? If yes, then just click into the online sweet shops and take your pick from their wide variety.


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