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So you forgot to buy Christmas gifts for him and her and them? again. But before you hassle that fact, there are many last minute present ideas that can save you from the forthcoming troubles. These Christmas gift items are sweet, simple and old-school. And you can bet on them, they are far better than those overrated gadgets; they guarantee to take your loved ones? merriment to infinity,

christmas gifts for him

Checking out the Five items:

Flowers– Yes, as surprising as it may sound to some people, flowers are still the topmost gift item of every occasion. And there are two big reasons behind that: One, because they are FLOWERS, duh! Second, online gift stores have made it super-easy to buy them. These stores are offering many types and varieties in their collection- from red rose (of course) to the white gerberas. These flowers are very fresh, and don?t even get us started on their fragrance.

Dry fruits– What better way to wish someone on Christmas than to offer them a box full of healthy dry fruits?

Cakes– Seriously, can there be any occasion without the deliciousness of cakes? Well, unless of course you?re still on your 2015?s New Year resolution to get in shape. From almond and chocolate cakes to butter scotch- same online gift stores are offering plenty of varieties in their cake department.

Teddy bears– If there?s one item that comes close to outlasting memories, it is a teddy bear. No exaggeration; after all why do you think even after years, teddy bears still ranks at the top of Christmas gift idea lists? From the giant ones of nearly human size to the little soft ones that cuddles our palm- teddy bears are the perfect Christmas gifts for men and women, with sweet texts written on them.

Chocolates– You don?t really need any reason to gift chocolates to your friends and families. Just pick those celebratory packs or that ferrero rocher box and give them to someone already.

Surprising at the midnight

How about you surprise your friends and families on Christmas Eve with the combination of all the above mentioned items? Online gift stores in Kolkata offer this option where you can mix a range of gift items- flower bouquets, chocolates, teddy bears, balloons, cakes, sweets, champagnes and more- and use their services to deliver it to any address at midnight. That?s right, sending Christmas gifts have never been this easy.

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