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Flower delivery


Wedding anniversaries usually signify the dedication of wedded couples to undying love, respect, companionship and a bond that will last through the test of time. The flowers that usually make an anniversary bouquet are also expected to connote these virtues. Roses have been regarded as the epitome of love through centuries together, and thus form the primary inclusions in all floral bouquets that are gifted in wedding anniversaries. However, if you wish to gives roses a rest for a while and try something blissfully different, here is a small list of flowers that your loved one would only be happy to receive…



These fragrant blooms have always signified beauty and integrity. Lilies are available in tens of different varieties and in a vivid range of colors. The soft yet potent fragrance usually spreads to cover an entire room which should be an added bliss in a special day. If you cannot locate lilies with your local florists, try reputed online flower delivery services instead for an array of options.



Carnations may not be known for their fragrance, but they are unbeatable when it comes to signify strength, beauty and respect for your partner. A bouquet of red and white carnations can make your anniversary practically unforgettable.


Gladiolus and hollyhock

These long stem blooms are known for the vividness, richness and liveliness of their colors. You can choose the most colorful of the lot and create the most vibrant of bouquets that would signify the sheer fun of being together in this wonderful bond of love.

Flower delivery


These flowers form critical components in infinite high end perfume brands and are also seen in millions of popular bridal bouquets around the world. Peonies are often expensive but are truly worth their price. These flowers signify innocence and unconditional love which is the spirit of a happy marriage.



When it comes to seductive fragrance, there are not many flowers that cab beat tube rose. These blooms of the night are known for staying fresh for days while spreading their fragrance to the last corners of every room in your house. Tuberose is highly popular in India and is seen present in almost all occasions of importance ranging from weddings to festivities.


You can always top these exquisite options with a rich creamy chocolate cake that is least likely to go out of style anytime soon. If you wish to sweep your loved one off her feet, call in the services of online flowers and chocolate cake delivery services and leave it all to them.

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5 Flowers Your Wife Will Love In Her Anniversary Bouquet, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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