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Christmas Gift Ideas


And just like that we?ve come to an end of another fabulous and shocking (and ridiculous) year. While we?re already in a celebratory mood to bid a sweet goodbye to 2016, a lot big and amazing happened in the past 11 plus months that needs to be re-lived again. Events that surprised us, made us smile, and took us with them to the ecstasy land. Occasions that called in for cake and champagne celebration.


Here are us re-visiting those 10 amazing stories of 2016-


Yuvraj Singh got married

Yuvraj Singh Marriage Party


Before Virat Kohli, it was Yuvraj Singh the ruled the hearts of millions. And on 30th November, he got married to model Hazel Keech. And this was possibly the ?Marriage of 2016?, with star-studded ceremony leaving the onlookers in awe.


Pok?mon Go helped us explore the city

Pokemon Go Mobile Game


Rarely does a mobile game manage to be a ?media?s favorite story?, but Pok?mon Go did the unthinkable. An augmented reality game, it left millions across the world fanatically roaming around the streets, looking for Pok?mon. And needless to say, in our quest, we came across some pretty amazing places in our city that we didn?t even know about.


Justin Trudeau took ?being cool? to another level

Justin Trudeau Overshadowed Barack Obama


Canada?s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau overshadowed Barack Obama and took the title of ?coolest state leader in the world?. From performing amazing yoga poses to giving quick lesson on quantum computers, he grabbed the eye-balls (and drolled) not just his countrymen but the rest of the world.


Arvind Kejriwal didn?t quit his office

Aam Aadmi Party?s (AAP) convener Arvind Kejriwal is possibly controversy?s favorite child, always in the headline. However, unlike last year, Delhites were much pleased in 2016 with their Chief Minister not quitting his office and doing some serious work in the national capital. This is not to say though that Kejriwal didn?t stirred storm in the newsrooms.


India became the most open economy in the world

Narendra Modi


While India climbed up many steps on global the scene this year, economy-wise, the most important was when Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that the nation has become one of the most open economies in the world for FDI; a major step towards becoming a global power with higher trade with other countries and accelerated economy growth.


Indian cricket team won the Asia Cup title

Indian cricket team won the Asia Cup


No one was really surprised-?Indian Cricket Team won the Asia cup title and that too for the sixth time. Some rather thrilling matches wowed the Cricket fans around the world and left them biting their nails. Recently, Indian women?s cricket team too bagged the Asia cup title, giving another reason to the nation to be proud of.


PV Sindhu won our hearts (and silver medal, of course) at the Olympics

Olympic silver medal


PV Sindhu became the first Indian women to win an Olympic silver medal. And needless to say, the whole country was on its feet, rejoicing and celebrating. Her brave and champion-like performance in the last match left even non-fans talking about tennis.


Olympian Michael Phelps broke the internet

Olympian Michael Phelps broke the internet


This year?s Olympic has performances that will be remembered for decades. However, it was Michael Phelps that stole all the limelight, transitioning himself into being a legend. Now retired, this Olympian has 28 medals in his home, 23 of them gold. No other athlete in any sport has more than 9 gold medals. Speechless. Also, his memes broke the internet.


We got an iPhone that we can actually afford

got an iPhone


Sure Apple is one of the world?s biggest brands. But few of us could really afford its products. That changed this year though, with this tech giant introducing new generation of Smartphone at price that?s well within our reach- iPhone SE.


Queen Rowling gave the world more of Harry Potter

Harry Potter


Just when the world thought it has to make peace with the fact that Harry Potter saga has come to a glorious end, author JK Rowling introduced new plots, secrets, back stories and, of course, the play ?The Cursed Child?. And unsurprisingly, the whole fandom was reveling the countless and continuous revelation by the tweets of Queen Rowling.


Of course a lot more things happened in the past 11 plus months that has made the whole year amazing and has now taken pre-Christmas mood & revelry a notch higher. We had plenty of reasons to feed on cake, have champagne and exchange flowers. And we can?t wait for 2017 to bring us even better and more exciting reasons to celebrate.

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